Sunglasses Oakley in Calgary store

Oakley sunglassesShockproof and polarized sunglasses Oakley is a special glasses for extreme sports, for people leading an active lifestyle. Thanks to a set of five interchangeable lenses they are perfect for any time of day and for any weather. They can be used as tactical goggles, protecting the eyes from getting small fast-moving particles, dust and debris.

  • Blue lenses are used in bright and medium illumination, because they do not distort colors, but at the same time increase the contrast.
  • Yellow lenses are used in bad weather conditions (twilight, snow, fog) to increase the contrast, create the effect of clarified optics.
  • A transparent lens is used in any lighting. It is designed to protect the eyes.
  • A dark lens with polarization is used as a sunscreen and eliminates reflected reflections from surfaces, whether water, snow or glass.
  • Sun protection lens – 400 UV protection against ultraviolet and sunlight.
  • The lenses are made of high-strength poly carbonate. They do not crack and do not fight. They withstand fragments of any rapidly moving particles.

The main advantages of Oakley points

What are the advantages of Oakley glasses? Here they are:

  • A set of five interchangeable lenses.
  • Very convenient case for storing glasses.
  • The handles are removed and changed to a special rubber band, for helmet-wearing (such as for extreme sports). Firm gum is included.
  • Additional frame for dioptric insertion (for all people with poor eyesight).
  • Due to its universal shape, these goggles perfectly match any type of face.

Welcome to Luxor Optical Store Calgary to buy sunglasses Oakley.

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