Buy Ray Ban’s eyeglasses in Calgary

eyeglasses Ray-BanIt’s a common thing to go to the local shop and buy Ray Ban’s eyeglasses nowadays. In fact, they were originally created not within a commercial purpose, but for military usage. Famous worldwide brand of sunglasses started in 1929. It owes its emergence to the the US Air Force leadership, which instructed BAUSCH & LOMB to develop special glasses for aircraft, which lenses would protect pilots from the blinding sun rays and glares. The company’s specialists developed lenses of green with green shading that were able to protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays effects. In 8 years these glasses used to be called “Retarding Rays” or the shorten form – Ray Ban. It was impossible to buy sunglasses Ray-Ban in the shop those days, but in 1929 the brand became civil, and Ray Ban’s men’s glasses became available to everyone.

Why Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban is undeniably the best eyewear, rims and lenses in the world. Following classical forms were invented under the Ray-Ban brand :

  • Aviators eyewear or just “drops”;
  • Wayfarers;
  • Caravans;
  • Cats.

Most of the advanced technologies for lenses and frames for the last 50 years are also have been invented and embodied in Ray-Ban glasses. Ray Ban metal and plastic frames are made of high-quality environmentally-friendly materials. They are reliable, practical, convenient to use and perfectly deal with the duty of protecting the eyes from harmful solar radiation.

Ray Ban – classic style and fashion trend

Millions of people all over a globe, many Hollywood stars, businessmen and politicians prefer Ray-Ban and not only because of the well-known and revered trademark, but also because of the highest eyewear quality of. Audrey Hepburn and Michael Jackson, Will Smith and Madonna, Clint Eastwood and Katy Perry – the list of celebrities who prefer Ray-Ban sunglasses can be continued indefinitely. Such an accessory, like Ray Ban eyeglasses, is becoming even more popular every year, so each modern and fashionable person needs to buy them.

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