optometrist in CalgaryOptometrist is a doctor who deals with eye diseases and injury treatment. The choice of a competent eye care professional acquires a particular importance in the treatment of eye diseases: quality of life and our physical well-being depends on it. The best Calgary optometrists work in the Luxor Optical. Looking for an experienced practicing optometrist with an excellent reputation? The Luxor Optical optometrist is what you need! You can start treatment by a qualified and highly skilled specialist in our centre any day.

When is it time to visit an optometrist?

Many people put off visiting an optometrist if vision disorders cause little discomfort. We remind you that the sooner you consult an eye doctor, the sooner and with less medical intervention a positive result will be achieved. You must arrange a visit to an optometrist if one of the following symptoms appears:

  • dry eye, eye fatigue;
  • impaired visual acuity, visual field restriction;
  • swelling and redness of ocular mucosa and eyelids;
  • foreign body sensation, itchiness, burning, smarting;
  • watery eye, transparent, purulent and foamy discharge;
  • eye, forehead and temple pain;
  • halo vision, diplopia, eye floaters, sparks, etc.;
  • impairment in ability to distinguish colours, photophobia;
  • eye injury and burn.

Everyone facing similar problems should be aware: in the event of serious diseases a complete or partial vision loss can occur rapidly. In such cases eyesight recovery, if at all, will require thorough treatment.

What diseases does an optometrist treat?

The ophthalmologists of our centre provide successful treatment for such eye diseases as:

  • cataract (clouding of eye’s lens) of all stages,
  • glaucoma (ocular hypertension),
  • retina and optic nerve disorders,
  • vision impairment (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism),
  • inflammatory eye conditions (conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, etc.),
  • virus and infectious eye diseases (herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia infection),
  • autoimmune eye diseases (iridocyclitis, chorioretinitis, etc.).

Optometrist services in Calgary Luxor Optical

Highly qualified doctors and authors of unique techniques work in our centre in Calgary NE. They will gladly consult you on all the issues of your interest.
We have everything required to perform a complete eye examination which will allow efficiently assessing patient’s condition and detecting causes of eye diseases and pathologies. We offer a full range of services involving comprehensive diagnostics to order the most efficient treatment: contact (noncontact) biometry, tonometry, automatic refractometry, visometry, ophthalmoscopy, biomicroscopy, ophthalmic Fundus examination, optical coherence tomography, computer perimetry, fluorescein angiography.
In order to detect the causes of virus and infectious eye diseases an optometrist will prescribe you laboratory tests – in the shortest possible time and at a time convenient for you.

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