Optometrist at Optical Store

optometrist in optical storeAn optometrist is a specialist in vision correction by glasses or lenses applying. Optometrist do not only produces glasses, but also helps client to find the right ones by working with special equipment and performing all necessary measurements.
An experienced master knows different methods of vision problems adjusting. But do not confuse an optometrist with the ophthalmologist. He writes no prescriptions for glasses, optometrist can only advise the usage of the latter. Optometrist can work in ophthalmological clinics or optical stores. This job do not require a degree in medicine.

Portrait of a modern optometrist

Optometrists should be very polite for to be able to affirm their recommendations. In addition, he is desirable to be convincing, showing no uncertainty or indifference. Optometrist’s client may reconsider ordering if optometrist is not persuasive enough. He uses not only the means of computer diagnostics, but checks the state of the cornea himself, measures intraocular pressure if necessary. He checks:

  • vision,
  • light and color perception,
  • distance between the centers of the pupils.

After these procedures it’s easy to prescribe necessary eyewear.

When do you require consulting an optometrist

If a person feels that the old glasses are not appropriate already or he/she faces some vision problems for the first time, it is best to start with optometrist consultation. Optometrists should know the physiology and diseases of vision, the laws of optics. He must manage methods of examination, glasses and contact lenses selection, be able to use special equipment.

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