Eyeglasses Carrera, history, eyewear characteristics, new styles

Sunglasses CarreraIn search of glasses for eyes? Сarrera glasses are a perfect choice for everyone!
Popular with a number of celebrities, famous sportsmen and all the other successful people, eyeglasses of this brand are considered to set trends for fashion eyewear industry, while their high quality is appreciated by many.

History of the brand

Some tend to have fond memories of the brand name: Carrera cars and the prominent car race Carrera Panamerica. That is directly what it derives from.
In 1948 an Austrian, Wilhelm Anger, founded the company manufacturing plastic glasses for eyes. Later, 1956, he deliberated on the name of his enterprise and fixed on Carrera. The true origin of the name is yet uncertain, however, it is clear he had admiration for that legendary car race and was sure to be willing to create eyewear particularky for sports.
But what was the key to his success? In fact, Anger was new in eyewear industry, and first thing he patented relatively new form of resin Optyl that was durable enough, hypoallergic and 20% lighter than other plastics used at the time. What is more, the resin was known for its elasticity and stability, implying it could easily adapt to the person`s face having “memory effect”. And the style was also special. Currently, Carrera keeps reissuing famous in the previous century styles and simultaneously launches new models.

Characteristics of Carrera eyeglasses

  • the plastic frame makes the glasses light and utterly comfortable to wear
  • the lens are gradient and polarized, offering perfect vision and protecting from the UV rays
  • special material reduces allergic reactions of eyes and provides improved fit through adjustable size effect.

Moreover, Carrera is the brand for every generation.

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