High-quality sophisticated eyeglasses Bvlgari

Bvlgari eyeglassesThe Bvlgari brand belongs to the Italian company Bulgari S.p.A., founded in 1884, which produces luxury goods (jewelry, watches, perfumes, leather accessories) and owns expensive hotels for celebrities.

The origins of Bvlgari company

The company was founded by the hereditary jeweler Sotirios Bulgari, a Greek by origin. The Bulgari family has been successfully engaged in silver processing for many years, developing jewelry business. Sotirios presented his products as works of art embodying the best traditions of ancient masters. The 50s became a milestone for the company, the most famous Hollywood actors fall in love with the Bvlgary eyewear brand. Bvlgari opened shops in New York, Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo as well. In the 90s the company entered the market of “Extra” class perfume, silk products, released a collection of eyeglasses Bvlgari.

Modern life of the brand

Since 2012, the company belongs to the French holding LVMH, which also owns the brands Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Givenchy, etc. Modern Bvlgary eyewear is an easy recognizable luxirious brand. Bvlgary eyewear boutiques are located in the most expensive malls of the world. Bvlgary means a luxurious, immodest design. Bvlgari is also one of the three largest jewelry companies in the world. People who prefer eyeglasses Bvlgari do not spare money and get in return luxurious accessories, extra quality and original design. The company continues to develop actively, releasing new products.

Eyeglasses from Bvlgari company

Bvlgari eyewear is recognized by connoisseurs of luxury and jewelry. Bvlgari fashion house widely uses precious decorative elements and rhinestones. Every accessory is a kind of a masterpiece. A dazzling style of sophistication, including the brilliance of Swarovski and applying classical jewelry traditions. Bvlgari frames and sunglasses are distinguished by painstaking work and attention to detail, a unique modern design, which makes Bvlgari exclusive objects equal to real jewelry.

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