Eye Exam

Eye Exam in CalgaryVision diagnostics is perhaps one of the most important stages in the struggle for eye health! To detect hidden diseases, to diagnose serious vision problems, to find a proper method of correction, medical or surgical treatment – all these manipulations can’t be done without examination. As the world practice shows, the probability of side effects after surgical treatment of ophthalmic diseases is reduced to tenths of a percent thanks to a qualitative eye examination of the patient. Without a timely detection, ophthalmic diseases can lead to serious vision impairment and often even to blindness…
That’s why we offer our clients in Calgary NE to check the eyesight during which all vision peculiarities are detected and the causes of eyesight deterioration are defined.  Besides, the eye diagnostics also helps to detect in early stages such common diseases as essential hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis,  endocrine disorders and many others.

What does a comprehensive eye exam include in our Calgary Luxor Optical?

  • visual acuity testing;
  • refraction measurement (ability of eye’s optical system to bend light rays);
  • intraocular pressure measurement;
  • ultrasound examination of eye’s inner structures (including in opaque media);
  • examination of cornea shape and refracting power;
  • visual field examination;
  • examination of retina and optic nerve condition.

The modern computerized diagnostic devices detect the slightest abnormalities and disease in the earliest stages of its manifestation, guarantee accuracy of diagnosis, provide a full aspect of vision system, monitor and predict a disease emergence. The diagnostic devices that we have at our Calgary centre enable doctors to detect the ocular refraction abnormalities (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism), refractive media of the eye disorders (corneal and lenticular opacity) as well as receptor apparatus disorders which emerge in glaucoma, diabetes and retinal dystrophy.
The diagnostics is conducted by non-intrusive method which allows avoiding eye inflammation and reducing time of examination.
Remember! Diagnostics can be different.
Our highly skilled specialists using modern equipment will not only determine the diopter number in nearsightedness and farsightedness but also detect a disease starting to develop! Nowadays the specialists have the possibility to detect vision problems in the earliest stage and recommend treatment while the eye functions have not been yet essentially affected.
A qualitative and, above all, timely diagnostics will help you to preserve the most precious thing you have in life – your health!
Free eye exam for kids and seniors!

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