Burberry glasses – exquisite design and quality, tested through years

Burberry glassesFor more than 100 years company has been crating own style, setting the tone for fashion trends in clothing and accessories. Great brands start with innovative breakthroughs and bold ideas. The company’s foundation dates back to the time when a new gabardine textile was developed. Later on the Burberry fashion check «Nova» on products became a sign of quality and a popular British print: а harmonious combination of lines which creates a visual sense of rigor and fashion. Despite the fact that the launch of the Eyewear Burberry took place only in 2006, the company declared itself so confidently that it had been always represented on this segment of market.

Luxurious frames of a huge choice is unisex

Medical corrective glasses with multifocal lenses are represented in collection, which are made taking into account the correction of individual visual defects. Each product undergoes mandatory testing before it reaches the customer, and the material is carefully studied by the company’s engineers.
The company chooses not just to create fashionable classic thin frames with flexible, complex and sometimes curved bends, but to achieve ideal comfort for a person.
The collection is dominated by frames made of metal and plastic, which are complemented by proprietary strokes or company logo on the handles. Strict square options, smooth ovals or squares with rounded edges are offered for women, so each lady will be able to emphasize the elegance of her facial features and elegantly look. Men’s options are understated, strict and elegant in combination with any form of clothing.
In the glasses of this brand, celebrities are now flashing on the red carpet in Los Angeles, on the covers of fashion magazines and tabloids. However, this does not mean that only the exclusive versions are presented in the range of frames. Today Burberry eyeglasses are available in every major city of the globe for people with any level of prosperity.

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