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We offer the highest level of eye care services in Calgary.

Whether you need to have an annual eye exam or you simply need a new pair of sunglasses, our team of professionals will happily be able to assist you.

At Luxor Optical, our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

We carry only the highest quality frames and lenses at affordable prices.

We speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.

We accept most insurance plans!

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The Benefit of Eyesight Examination when Shopping for Glasses

Quite often doubt overwhelms visitors of optics sections or shops specializing in eye care products. If you haven’t checked your eyesight for a long time, you should not make a ...
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Eye examining at optometrist’s office or optical store

For those who have bad heredity or low vision, full observation is obligatory. Even people with 100% vision should regularly check their eyes within a specialist or at least at ...
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Periodic eye examination by ophthalmologist in Calgary

Need an eye exam? Our optics store is pleased to provide such a service. Modern methods of vision testing, the latest equipment and the qualified eye doctor are waiting for ...
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Comprehensive Eye Exams by Optometrists in Calgary

Optometrist service, obtained rightly in our optics store, is very convenient. Firstly, after consultation and tests, at the first onset, you can select the frames and lens fitting you in ...
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